The Best Outdoor Signage Material

Have you ever considered how much signage is affecting your life? Traffic signs, menu boards, in and out signage, toilet signage, etc. We sometimes look at signage just to see information and direction, without looking at the details. According to existing studies, 90% of the information that reaches our brain is visual, and most people receive visual information 6.5 times better than audio information. A well thought out signage design is the ideal tool to deliver the message you want.

After you develop an existing message, displaying the message in signage is equally important. Creating quality custom signage at is a worthy investment because the revenue will be far more than the initial cost. Here are some materials that are often used.

Outdoor signage material

What is the Sintra board?

Sintra board is one of the best materials for signage because it is resistant to extreme weather conditions and stays awake despite long exposure to many elements. This rough, weather-resistant and non-flexible material is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which is not easily broken. In addition, the Sintra board also easily absorbs color and can be equipped with a matte or gloss finish. Usually, this material is suitable for permanent outdoor signage.

What is the Coroplast?

This is the brand name for corrugated plastic, besides that, the coroplast also refers to plastic cardboard. A very lightweight coroplast sheet is affixed between two plastic sheets to form various sizes and shapes. Besides being durable, waterproof and weather-resistant, the coroplast is also an economical choice for temporary outdoor signage, such as election signage, holiday special signage, and car wash signage.

What is Dibond?

Dibond is an aluminum mixture made by filling 2 pieces of aluminum with polyethylene. Very durable and similar to an iron structure, Dibond can be cut into various sizes and shapes, perfect for different signage than others. Because of its versatile and attractive nature, signage that uses this material is usually for exhibition purposes.

Knowing the main material from outdoor signage can make it easier for you to choose material for your next marketing product.